Tailored Yarn

Writing Children’s stories for families with terminal illness

The publishing costs of producing our first book, called “Postpixie Missing in Action”, is being crowdfunded through a kickstarter campaign running until early December. This fictional children’s story is suitable for ages five to ten. It is a chapter book with fifty beautifully illustrated pages. We will be pre-selling both paperback and hardback copies of the book along with special artwork which has never been on sale previously.

What is Tailored Yarn?


Tailored Yarn allows parents who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness to leave their children with meaningful bespoke stories for them to enjoy throughout their childhood. Each story will be uniquely tailored to the facts, with memories and intimate details of each family, woven together in an exciting fictional story. It is like the popular idea of memory boxes but in the unique form of a literacy legacy.

Often we remember our favourite books from our childhood. Even if we do not remember all the exact details they can still play an important part in shaping the adult who we will later become.

Tailored Yarn’s creator Gillian, has been able to use her expertise and passion to help families create personalised stories to be treasured by children for years to come.


Who Are We?

The creator of Tailored Yarn, Gillian Seale, has been committed to writing children’s books for many years prior to developing her community investment company (CIC). You may be wondering what a CIC is. It basically means that having a profitable side to the business, such as workshops and selling books, allows us to develop the work which we are most passionate about as a non profit side to the business. The good news is that this makes these special uniquely tailored stories more affordable. We we will not be charging families directly for the number of hours spent writing them. Instead they can be turned into special legacies, bestowed as gifts.


If the children of other families enjoy reading these stories that I create then I will have succeeded in my mission. By putting myself in the shoes of parents who have received a terminal diagnosis, I considered what I would most want to leave to my own young children, who absolutely love reading books. While doing this my vision became crystal clear and the idea of Tailored Yarn weaving personal stories was born.”

Gillian Seale

Gillian belongs to a local group called Riverside Writers, who meet in her local library every month. When she first joined she was nervous about sharing her stories and just enjoyed listening to others. Being part of this group and participating more, over the last couple of years, has increased her confidence and developed her creativity.

​When she is not looking after her children or writing books Gillian enjoys a range of interests and hobbies. Her favourite is painting with watercolour and she is keen to expand her work as an illustrator. Please see gallery page for examples of children’s illustration work. She also really enjoys playing badminton in the local league as it keeps her fit and healthy as well as being part of a very sociable club. She also enjoys regularly playing boardgames and hosting charity bake sales with her kids.


How to Purchase a Tailored Yarn Book

REFLECT Ask yourself what comforts your child, and think about any books they already like.  Do they have soft toys they find comfort in, and who are significant people in their lives. What about favourite family holidays or special memories? It is also important to think about what wisdom and guidance could be imparted as part of your story.

REQUEST Visit the contacts page and email Gillian with what kind of book you have in mind. Remember, no request is too big or too small. We would have an initial chat to discuss how you would like to proceed, with suitable input and minimal intrusion.

REVIEW Gillian will write a book for you based on your requests. During this time you can review it online and ask for any edits before printing. Gillian will not finish the book until you are entirely satisfied with it.

READ A Tailored Yarn book is yours to give to a child facing a loss. Hopefully the book can help your child cope and learn acceptance to help them during this difficult time. When we are bereaved as adults we are fortunate to have many happy memories of our special friend or family members to help us through the grieving process. However this is less true for young children who have fewer memories which fade faster.

This new venture called Tailored Yarn addresses the need to preserve memories, hopes, dreams and aspirations for young children to treasure for a lifetime. It can never replace the vital role that families have of keeping memories of their loved ones alive. It simply provides a special and unique additional way to help encourage those important conversations.

The last thing I would want to do is intrude on a family whose only priority is spending time together. Families can have as much or as little input into the shaping of the story as suits each individual family. They can simply send details via email and choose the amount of information they wish to include. A simple questionnaire could be provided if that makes the process easier.

Gillian Seale

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