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All Pixies have a magical ability to be exceedingly fast and strong. So they deliver all the letters and parcels to animals, elves and fairies around the woodland. Fitz is a postpixie, who discovers that his twin sister Geraldine, has gone missing. He sets off on a mission to find her. His journey takes some unexpected twists and turns. It involves meeting some interesting characters and reveals several unexpected surprises. We gradually start learning more about his sister, as he tries to solve the mystery, by uncovering the truth about her strange disappearance. This is a captivating and beautifully illustrated story about friendship; teaching children about empathy, confidence and perseverance.

There are over fifty pages with watercolour illustrations for children to delight over. This really beautiful book would make a wonderful addition to that special collection on your children’s bookshelf. If your kids enjoy reading this book please consider adding a review on the Good Reads website.